Coaches Without Boundaries Management

Adult 3-on-3 Basketball

We will offer three different types of leagues, the Community League, Corporate League and Educators League each with their own unique benefits, rules and guidelines. Each league will be well structured with scorer’s table staff, referees provided by the Mid-Atlantic Independent Basketball Officials, designated league website and more.

The Community League will be open to the public. Full team entries and free agents registrations are welcomed. Teams will be composed of a 4 person roster.

The Corporate League will be for businesses only and designed to offer a competitive yet business friendly environment for companies to enhance their teamwork mentality among co-workers and build business relationships with corporate teams in the league. Teams will be composed of a 4 person roster with the option to have an alternate. Teams must have at least 4 players who are co-workers actively employed at the same company to complete their roster. Each team will have the option to select an alternate in the event a member of their team is unable to participate in a game. Alternates are only permitted to be used in up to 3 games during the regular season and not permitted to participate in playoff games.

The Educators League will be for all school staff personnel (admin staff, teachers, maintenance etc.) only aimed towards providing participants with an added sense of school pride and of course bragging rights for their school. Teams will be represented by their respective school name and each athlete on the roster must be an employee at that school. Teams will be composed of a 4 person roster and an alternate will be allowed however the alternate must be another staff person at their school.